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Everything but the Rain.
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Masaki Kurosaki [vol.60]
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I will protect ―――
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I really didn't forget anything.
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ugh, i’m stuck.
need new ideas (; ̄д ̄)

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weheartit, seriously?

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Goodbye..., Kurosaki-kun.
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Think of me
I will think of you [x

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i was planning on not posting anything on this tag and just stay away from it for a while (because honestly this tag makes me angry like 70% of the time) but the amount of reposts and unsourced art i’ve seen lately got the best of me so i’m going to give you some tips on how not to be a total douchebag:

  • if you see a graphic you like, reblog it, instead of reposting. seriously, it’s way easier to click one little button instead of saving the whole graphic and posting it on your blog. besides, the person who makes the graphics actually puts effort and time into making them, some of us struggle quite a lot with photoshop/gimp or whatever program we use and by posting it on your blog and taking credit for the graphics we make you’re highly disrespecting us and it’s like you’re just laughing at our faces because you’re taking credit for something you did not make and that we actually worked our asses off by trying to make it look nice for you to enjoy.
  • if you see fanart you like and want to post here, source it. don’t know the source? google reverse image search is your friend. there’s also saucenao. still can’t find the source? don’t post it. DON’T POST IT. posting unsourced art is even more disrespectful than reposting graphics. put yourself in the artist’s shoes for a second and think about how’d you feel about people posting the art it took you so long to make everywhere without crediting you as the original creator. you’d feel pretty bad, right? well that’s basically what you’re doing to the fanartists.
  • ZEROCHAN AND WEHEARTIT ARE NOT SOURCES. so if you’re going to post fanart on the tag don’t source it to zerochan or weheartit. don’t be a dick.
  • and the same applies to graphics because tumblr graphics, gifs and whatnot get reposted on weheartit quite a lot.

that’s it really isn’t it super easy to not be an asshole??

Couldn´t have said it better, thank you!

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I wake up, it’s a bad dream
No one on my side. [x]